Bio-Sketch of Prof. Manik Pradhan

Personal Details

Name: Dr. Manik Pradhan
Designation: Professor
Institution: S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences, Kolkata
Email: &
Phone: +91(0)33 2335 5706-8, Ext:440
Fax: +91(0)33 2335 3477

Educational Qualification

  • PhD: University of Bristol, United Kingdom (2008)
  •       Supervisor: Professor Andrew Orr-Ewing
  • M.Tech (Cryogenic Engineering): I.I.T. Kharagpur, India (2002)
  • M.Sc (Physics): University of Calcutta, India (2000)
  • Professional Background

  • Professor: S. N. Bose Centre, Kolkata, India (2020-present)
  • Associate Professor: S. N. Bose Centre, Kolkata, India (2015-2020)
  • Assistant Professor: S. N. Bose Centre, Kolkata, India (2011-2015)
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: Stanford University, USA (2010-     2011) Advisor: Professor Richard N. Zare
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate: Cambridge University, UK (2008-      2010) Advisor: Professor Richard Lambert
  • Visiting Research Assistant: IAMS, Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2004-     2005)
  • Invited Lectures

    (43) BRICS Workshop on BioPhotonics-2023: May 16-18, 2023 (online): Saratov, Russia.
    (42) National Conference on Emerging Dimensions in Chemical Sciences (EDCS-23):28-29th March, 2023: University of Kalyani, India.
    (41) 15th National Symposium on Radiation and Photochemistry (NSRP-2023), 5-7th January, 2023 by Indian Society for Radiation and Photochemical Sciences (ISRAPS): BITs Pilani, Goa, India.
    (40) TIFAC-DSIR-IICB Joint Workshop on Techno-Commercial Assessment of TRL 6 and above Technologies, 23 September, 2023: IICB, Kolkata, India.
    (39) One Day Symposium in Chemical Sciences, 04 June, 2022 by IACS and CRSI, Kolkata Chapter: IACS, Kolkata, India.
    (38) C. K. Majumdar Memorial Workshop in Physics 2022 (CKMMWP 2022), 12-21 July, 2022: SNBNCBS, India.
    (37) 6th International Diabetes Summit (Virtual), 4-6th March, 2022: Pune, India.
    (36) Chemistry Lecture Series: School of Chemical and Materials Sciences, 3rd December, 2021: IIT Goa, India.
    (35) Workshop on structure and dynamics in biology, chemistry and material science, 18th November, 2020: IIT Roorkee, India.
    (34) One Day Discussion Meeting on Spectroscopy, Photonics and Dynamics (SPD-2020), 7th March, 2020: IISER Kolkata, India.
    (33) The VIII International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy (ICOPVS-2020), 24-29 February, 2020: JNCASR, Bangalore, India.
    (32) ISCBC-NIPiCON-2020, 22-24 January, 2020: Nirma University, Gujrat, India.
    (31) PHASE-2020, An Indo-UK workshop on Applied Photonics, 10-14 January, 2020: IIT Gandhimagar, India.
    (30) Joint Conference by ISO-ISMPO; 1-3 November, 2019: Indore, India.
    (29) International Conference on Atomic, Molecular, Optical & Nano Physics with applications (CAMNP-2019), 18-20th December, 2019: DTU, Delhi, India.
    (28) International Conference on Modern Approaches of Chemical Science and Nanomaterials (ICMACSN), 26-27th August, 2019: Rajasthan, India.
    (27) BIT's 7th Annual Conference of Analytix-2019, 12-14th April, 2019: Singapore.
    (26) Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecules and Clusters (SDMC), 21-24th February, 2019: Shimla, India.
    (25) 25th Indian Society for Chemistry and Biology International Conference, 12-14th January, 2019, ISCBC-2019: Lucknow, India.
    (24) 6th World Congress on Nanomedical Sciences,7-9th January, 2019, ISNSCON-2018: Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India.
    (23) One Day Discussion Meeting on Atmospheric Chemistry, 24th November, 2019, by ISRAPS: IACS, Kolkata India.
    (22) 7th International Conference on Perpectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy, ICOPVS-2018: BARC, Mumbai, India.
    (21) Nanobioteck-2018, 3rd Annual Conference of ISNM, 25-27th October, 2019 AIIMS, New Delhi, India.
    (20) National Conference on Advances in Spectroscopy: Molecules to Materials, 4-6th October, 2018, NCASMM-2018 IITRAM, Ahmedabad, India.
    (19) Innovations in Frontier Chemistry, IFC-2018: IISER Pune, India.
    (18) Spectroscopy and Dynamics of Molecules and Clusters, SDMC-2018: Dooars, India.
    (17) 2nd International Diabetes Summit-2018: Pune, India.
    (16) World Congress on Biotechnology and Biological Studies, WCBBS 2017: New Delhi, India.
    (15) 16th International Symposium on Diabetes: 2017: Mumbai, India.
    (14) International Conference on Spectroscopy of Biomolecules and Advanced Materials, ICSBAM 2017: Kerala, India.
    (13) International Conference on Perspectives in Vibrational Spectroscopy, ICOPVS 2016: Lucknow, India.
    (12) DAE-BRNS Ultrafast Science (UFS-2015), 19-21 November, 2015: S.N. Bose Centre, Kolkata, India.
    (11) International Association of Breath Research (IABR) Summit-2015 (14-16 September, 2015): Vienna, Austria. 
    (10) DAE-BRNS: National Laser Symposium (NLS-22), January 8-11, 2014, Manipal University, India.
    (9) Department of Inorganic and Physical Science (IPC), 27th December, 2010, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India.
    (8) Department of Physics, January 2011, IIT Kharagpur, India.
    (7) Centre for Atmospheric Science: 18th May, 2009; University of Cambridge, UK.
    (6) S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences: 9th February, 2009; Kolkata, India.
    (5) “New frontiers in quantitative infra-red to ultraviolet spectroscopy using diode and quantum-cascade lasers Meeting”: 14th March, 2008; University of Oxford, UK.
    (4) 7th Cavity Ring-Down User meeting: 18-19th September, 2007; University of Greifswald, Germany.
    (3) “Annual Symposium on Air Pollution (ASAP)”, 31st July, 2007; Royal Holloway, University of London, UK.
    (2). “Frontiers in Atmospheric Composition Measurements”, 3rd May, 2006; University of Leicester, UK.
    (1) “Molecular Science Hewlett Packard PhD Research Day”, 28th March, 2006; University of Bristol, UK

    Academic Honors / Awards / Research Grants