Dr. Samir Kumar Pal
Senior Professor
Department of Chemical, Biological & Macromolecular Sciences
S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
JD Block, Sector III
Salt Lake City
Telehpone +91-33-3355706/7/8 Ext 230
Fax +91-33-3353477
e-mail: skpal@bose.res.in
Current Research
Experimental Biological Physics
Our research activities in the field of experimental Biophysics, are interdisciplinary in nature that applies the theories and methods of physics. The studies included under the umbrella of biophysics range from molecular recognition of small ligands/drugs by biological macromolecules to complicated protein-DNA, Protein-Protein complexation. Recent works from the group explore the fundamental role of solvent molecules (mostly water) in the close vicinity of the biological macromolecules in the molecular recognition and complexation processes. Femtosecond-mirosecond resolved photoluminescence, FTIR, UV-VIS absorption/Emission, DLS, CD, TG-DTA, HRTEM, ESEM, XRD, Mass spectrometry are the basic tools of our experimental works.
Experiments on Bio-Nano Interface
The interface between the biological sciences and nanoscience constitutes one of the most interesting and technologically promising frontiers in modern science. Research at this interface is yielding new ways to do biomedical and pharmaceutical separations, new high-tech approaches for drug and other biomolecule delivery to the human body, new ways to remediate environmental pollution, and new highly sensitive and selective biosensing devices. Research at this interface is by nature highly interdisciplinary. Our group is involved in the synthesis of various bionanoconjugates. Selective attachment of inorganic semiconductor/metal quantum dots (QD) to various biological macromolecules is the key feature of the nanoconjugates. The physical characterization of various spectroscopic techniques including femtosecond-mirosecond resolved photoluminescence, FTIR, UV-VIS absorption/Emission, DLS, CD, TG-DTA, Multiwavelength-Ellipsometry, HRTEM, ESEM, XRD, AFM Mass spectrometry, is also a part of our research activities.
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