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Last updated 18 June 2008

That probably sounds somewhat egotistic, especially since the other links from my homepage are also about me anyway. Don't tell me I didn't warn you.

I was born in Calcutta. I  did my undergraduate in Physics from Presidency College  and then went to Syracuse University for a PhD.  After getting my degree I joined the T-8 group of Los Alamos National Laboratory on a Director's Fellowship (nice title for a post-doc, I must say). I had a wonderful time there, and even took flying lessons, eventually getting a pilot's license. After Los Alamos, I joined the University of Sussex at Brighton as a post-doc. Brighton was more laid back than Los Alamos, but nowhere near as sunny. The Particle Theory group was very good though, and very friendly. Then in 1996, instead of being smart and applying for a third post-doc, I chose to come back to India for a long break. It so happened that a visitor's position was available at S. N. Bose Centre, and I took it so that I could keep in touch with Physics and my friends through email. After a while I got used to the place, and they got used to me, and I joined in a more regular position. Currently I hold the position of Senior Professor.

Here is a picture of me.

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E-mail: amitabha@boson.bose.res.in