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Mukul Kabir

A challenging aim of the current research is to explore magnetism in the reduced dimensionality. Several unexpected magnetic ordering have already been reported, ranging from the prediction of net magnetic moment in the clusters of nonmagnetic or antiferromagnetic bulk materials to the enhancement of magnetic moment in the clusters of ferromagnetic bulk metals. Our main aim is to study magnetism in free pure transition metal clusters, as well as, what happens when we dope impurity atom/s into it. Currently I am interesed in quantum dots/rods and in the materials for magnetic and magneto-optic recording media.


I always wanted to do something more worthwhile for a career than simply making loads of money. I have a strong belief in the value of education, so I am here! This is what I do for a living. I love it. But it does not define me as a person.

Recent lectures given at
University of Sarrbruken, Germany [PDF]
ICCMSE 2005, Greece [PDF]

After finishing my thesis I have joined the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in December, 2006.
MY NEW HOME E-Mail: mukulkab@MIT.EDU

Mukul Kabir, [SRF]
Theoretical Condensed Matter Group
S.N.Bose National Center for Basic Sciences
J.D. Block ; Sector-III, Salt Lake City
Kolkata-700 098
Phone :+91-33-2335 5705/6/7/8
Fax :+91-33-2335 3477
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