International Conference on Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys

November 14 - 16, 2007

S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences

Jointly hosted by

SNBose National Centre, Kolkata and UGC-DAEF CSR, Indore


Objective: The purpose of this meeting is to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians working on this exciting new area of Ferro Magnetic Shape Memory alloys. Alongwith established scientists giving invited talks, it would also encourage young researchers and students to present their work. It should provide a forum to discuss and exchange various ideas among the workers from different countries.

Tentative list of invited speakers is -

In addition to the invited speakers, we are planning to have a session of contributory papers. The presentation will be in a poster formal (1m x 1m). Registration fee is INR 100/- for students and INR 500/- for others. The draft should be payable to .....

Organizing committee:

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