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The space between the stars is called the Interstellar Medium (ISM). ISM consists of an extremely tenuous mixture of ions, atoms, molecules, dust grains, cosmic-rays, and (galactic) magnetic field. The matter consists of about 99% gas and 1% dust by mass. The interstellar gas is primarily composed of hydrogen and helium, with traces of other species, such as carbon, nitrogen and oxygen from which the complex molecules are formed via chemical evolution. So far, more than 150 different gas phase molecules and around 20 molecular species on the grain surface has been detected in the various regions of ISM. Many of these molecules are organic, and therefore important astro-biologically. H2 is the most abundant molecule by far, with CO in the second position, four order of magnitude lower. More complex molecules are even less abundant -- at least 4 to 10 orders of magnitude lower than H2. These molecules are very important because they could be the precursors of more complex bio-molecules including simple amino acids, such as glycine. If amino acids and other pre-biotic molecules are formed during the evolution of a molecular cloud and are accreted back to the early earth in the form of dusts, meteorites and comets, then the puzzle of supplying essential ingredients for pre-biotic synthesis on earth could be resolved.

Recent advances in theoretical, observational and laboratory studies opened up many new possibilities. This conference will provide a platform to revisit some of new developments made in the subject. This conference will also help students and young post docs to interact with leading Figures in the subject. and take up challenging projects and advance the subject.

The Talks will be of Review nature with intense discussion. We anticipate that a Proceedings will be published by American Institute of Physics.

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